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Meet the Hosts


Uriah & Nicole Kallstrom are the hosts of Sukkot Shalom. Uriah came to knowledge of the Torah in 2014 and has served in Israel pruning vineyards one year and harvesting another year for Hayovel. He farmed with his family in Ephrata, WA for many years growing farm to market sweet corn (Kallstrom Sweet Corn). Since marrying Nicole, he now works at Don Johnson Sales selling trailers in Walla Walla. Nicole came to the knowledge of Torah in 2017 and has journeyed to Israel for Passover with Hollisa Alewine / The Creation Gospel in 2018 and 2019. She grew up with a love for horses and now gives riding lessons in Walla Walla. 

Uriah and Nicole met through a mutual friend in February of 2019 and followed the Biblical path of betrothal to marriage. They were betrothed in November of 2019 and married in December. They welcomed their third child (they have two babies with the Father due to miscarriage) on May 31, 2021: Kadima Chayil Kallstrom. 

The Carr family is also part of Sukkot Shalom. Nicole met Will, Diana and Liam Carr early in her seeking at their Shabbat study group called Berea Assembly in Richland, WA. They moved back to New Mexico and are now part of Kehilat Yeshua in Carlsbad. They are wonderful stewards of the Father's will and amazing additions to Sukkot! Upon moving, the Carr's passed Berea Assembly on to Nicole as a young adult study in Walla Walla. The Kallstrom's now host Berea Assembly in their home, open to believers of all ages.   


The Father opened the door wide for hosting Sukkot 2021 and they are excited to be on this journey as He reveals His plans! What He has done has been nothing short of miraculous and they give all the glory and praise to Him! They can't wait to meet each and everyone He has called to be part of Sukkot Shalom.