Here is some helpful info of questions we commonly get. Please also check out the rules & regulations page because it also has helpful information that may answer common questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I bring?

Here is a list of items you may want to consider bringing, as well as details of what will be provided here. We will update this as we think of more things - so keep checking back in. 

Last Updated: Sept. 10, 2021


What are the cooking provisions?

We will have a community cooking table set up with basic small appliances for use for meals that are not provided (mainly breakfast and some lunches - see schedule). Feel free to bring your own small appliances as needed. We also have a fridge/freezer set up for shared use for tent campers. 


What water is available?

We are on well water and campers have access to water through our sink. We also have a Berkey water filter that you can use for drinking water (although the well is ok to drink also). For RV's - you can use our faucet to fill your tanks as needed. We don't recommend drinking from the outdoor faucet water, but that is up to you. We advise to bring hoses if you expect to fill up to ensure you can reach. 


Is there power for tent campers?

Due to limited electrical - there is no power reaching to tent campers except where it is necessary for medical use. If you need power for medical usage, please let us know in advance and bring a small extension cord. 


How do we get to town?

Town is just 8 miles away where you have access to many grocery stores and whatever else you may need. We have a small toyota corolla that we will leave the keys in so you can take it to town as needed. We just ask that drivers have valid licenses and if the tank is running low that we be notified so we can arrange for it to be filled. ​


Do you have showers?

Unfortunately, at this time there are still no shower provisions on site. We recommend bringing baby wipes and making friends with RV owners or hotel dwellers who might let you use their shower once or twice. We are still continuing to search out options. 


Can we have alcohol?

We will not serve alcohol, but you may bring wine if you use it responsibly and are considerate to others who may struggle. Please no hard liquor, beer, ect. 


Can we use heat in our tents?

No open flame is allowed, but you may use an indoor/tent safe propane heater. We encourage you to bring a personal fire extinguisher if you do use heat. There is also a fire extinguisher on each end of the barn.