We want to walk in wisdom and not fear during these times. Here are the things we are doing to help limit the risk during Sukkot Shalom, as we do know it is common to have illness spread during group events. Please do your part as well to protect yourself and others. 

Health & Wellness Guidelines


If you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick, please stay home. 

We know this would be extremely sad, but please consider others and stay home if you have a fever, if someone you have been in close contact with becomes sick , or if you have any other signs of being unwell. We will refund your full registration if this occurs, just contact us. 


Sanitize / Wash Hands / Be Aware

We will do regular sanitizing of common areas and hand sanitizer will be available throughout (although, a good hand washing is best). Be conscious of using common areas / items. Wipe down items before and/or after using, cover your mouth, ect.  We don't need to be excessive, but be wise. 


If you become sick, please notify a leader and plan to go home.

It's not a bad idea to bring a thermometer along and check up on yourself if you begin feeling unwell.


If you are particuarly at risk, please plan accordingly

Each person is ultimately in charge of protecting their own bodies. We recommend being proactive in immune boosting prior to coming and during sukkot. If you have underlying conditions that put you at a higher risk, please be wise in what you need to do to protect yourself. 


Open air

Thankfully, we will be in open air much of Sukkot. So pray for good weather so we can maximize this as much as possible!


Boost the Immune System

We have been recommended to take Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc to help boost our immune system. 


Additional Info 

This is a letter sent by fellow believers. Download for great info.