These are the rules for attending Sukkot Shalom 2021. By registering, you agree to abide by these rules. Those who step outside of these parameters will be given warning. Failure to comply will result in being dismissed from the property. No refunds of registration fee's will be given.

Rules for Sukkot Shalom


General Rules

Registration is mandatory. For safety and security reasons, you have to register with us, either online or when you arrive onsite. Even if you are just visiting for the day, you must register!

  • Once Sukkot begins, no registration fee's will be refunded. 

  • Space is limited. We reserve the right to close registration at any time before cut off date.

  • You must sign a release upon arriving/check in.

  • Please have your camp set up prior to sundown on Sept. 20th. Please refrain from taking down camp on a high Holy day.

  • Please refrain from cooking in the camp on the weekly Shabbat. Warming already cooked food is fine, but in keeping with Exodus 16:22-23, bake what you bake and boil what you boil on the sixth day, is what we want to adhere to.

  • We ask that one person from each group/family pick an area to serve in once during Sukkot. This is listed in the registration.


Belief Guides

At Sukkot Shalom Feast of Sukkot, we adhere to the following beliefs. In the spirit of joy and peace at Sukkot, we ask that the following tenets of faith be respected.

  • Yeshua is Messiah: We believe, and recognize that Yeshua of the New Testament IS our Messiah and Savior. In Him we have our redemption and salvation. If you reject Yeshua as the Messiah or have issues with this belief, we recommend that you seek out another feast site that is more compatible with your beliefs. Anyone that speaks against Yeshua’s Messiahship will be asked to leave.

  • Commandments/Law: We believe the whole word of Yah is applicable to everyone. We do not agree with or want anyone promoting the “Noahide Laws” doctrine or any such doctrine that conflicts with this. If you seek to change other's beliefs, please refrain from attending.

  • If you have a problem with anyone at Sukkot, we expect you to follow Matthew 18:15-16

  • Division: We have the upmost desire for unity in Spirit and a Shalom filled Sukkot full of rejoicing with fellow believers. If you cause division or disturbance of peace among camp, you will be asked to leave. 


Relational Guides & Modesty

As outlined below, we seek to maintain high standards for modesty and purity in relationships. Please respect and abide by these standards during the event.

  • For accountability purposes we ask that there be no one-on-one time with the opposite gender and that you be careful to be above board in conversations.

  • No unsupervised gatherings of mixed young people.

  • Please plan to keep your family together!

  • No shared sites with children sleeping over with each other. Please make a point to pull together as a family.

  • Dress Code: In an effort to create a safe atmosphere for our men, women and families to grow in, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us prior to the event.

    • Men – Do not remove your shirt in public.  Please refrain from wearing tank tops and/or shorts above the knee.

    • Women – Please refrain from low necklines, sleeveless shirts and short skirts/shorts (length at knee or below).

  • We desire for Sukkot Shalom to be a clean environment; free from inappropriate internet use. For the sake of our children and families, please be aware of your devices and their use. 


Property Rules

  • Please respect the property and clean up any garbage that may be left out. There will be receptacles throughout the property.

  • Please be aware of fire danger in the dry areas and refrain from using anything with a spark/flame in these areas.

  • Please thoroughly clean up your camp site upon departure.

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent/trusted adult at all times. There are inherent dangers on the property (wildlife, etc.)  Parents are expected to know where their children are at ALL times. 

  • Curfew: Out of respect to those who go to sleep early & neighbors, we ask that a “quiet mode” curfew begin at 10:00 p.m. For the late night people: After 10:00 p.m. there may be quiet fellowship in a well lighted designated area that will be announced.

  • Alcohol: We will not serve alcohol at any of our services or activities.

  • Campfires: NO personal fires. If it is deemed safe by property owners at the time of Sukkot, there will be a community fire pit available. 

  • Bicycles: No riding after dark without lights. Bicycles must be parked away for front entry doors.

  • ATV’s and other Transportation: No off-roading, all 4 wheelers, golf carts etc. should be used for transportation only, no speeding. No dirt bikes or mini bikes.


Dog Policy

​Dogs will be allowed under a strict dog policy, which anyone who registers their dog inherently agrees to. There will be a $10 dog fee to help cover the expenses of putting up a 50x50 dog area where they can be off of a leash while supervised. All other times dogs must be on a leash and away from common areas. Any violations of the dog policy will be asked to board at a local kennel or make alternative arrangements for their pet to stay off of the property. There is a resident dog on the property which will not be under the dog policy (it's his home). 

  1. Dogs on a leash at all times, unless in the designated fenced dog area. 

  2. No dogs in the barn. 

  3. Clean up after your dog. 

  4. Be aware of where they use the restroom - keep them away from others tents, RV's, vehicles, etc.

  5. Barking will need to be discouraged. Excessive barking will lead to being asked to kennel elsewhere. 

  6. If your dog is aggressive towards people and/or other animals, leave them home.

  7. Please do not bring your dog to events, teachings, ect. - even if they take place outside. Exception would be the hike if the leaders allow.

  8. Please do not leave young children in charge of your dog. Make sure whomever is walking them/monitoring them is capable of making sure that the policy is followed and the peace is kept.