Sukkot Activities
& Schedule

From fellowship over meals and outdoor games and activities to deep study and discussion over Yah's word, we aim to make this Sukkot fruitful in all aspects of fellowship with one another and in fellowship with our King! We are a family oriented Sukkot and encourage families to join and enjoy fellowship with one another! 

(Version Sept. 10, 2021)

food pic.jpeg


We will provide a few of the 

meals and host a few "pot-blessings." For the other meals, we encourage families to meet 

on the property for "picnic-style" meals throughout the 


More details to come soon on the schedule page!


Outdoor Activities

Volleyball, Croquet,  badmitten, ping pong, frisbee, etc. will be available to play throughout sukkot! Off site hikes will be arranged. See schedule.

Yah willing, we may be able to have a Sukkot harvest of the merlot grapes on site! If so, each person can harvest for their own juice, jam, wine, etc. 


Study & Prayer

We will have morning prayers in the vineyard and daily studies. 

We welcome Dr. Hollisa Alewine from The Creation Gospel to give a couple teaching during Sukkot. 

See schedule for details.

 Mikvah Opportunity!

There will be an opportunity for mikvah's. More details and date to come soon.